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What is the taste of the icing images?
Our suppliers from the UK and the U.S. are the best guaranteed in the field of supply of products for icing images. Their ingredients are tasteless and odorless, which provides the highest quality of tasteless icing images for your cake.

What are the ingredients of the icing images?
The ingredients used in the preparation of our icing images are corn starch, vanilla, corn syrup, glycerin, sugar, vegetable oil, citric acid, etc.

How long do icing images last and how they should be stored?

The icing images stand about 2 weeks after placing them on the cake or pastry. However, if there is time until an important event and you want to store the icing image as long as possible, then put it in a cool, dark, air isolated package and you can use it for more than two months.

Is it easy to put icing images?
Icing images are placed extremely easy. Peel off your favorite photo or picture and place it directly on the cake.