Now your favorite cake may look perfectly with icing images

Have you had to make one and the same cake we all love at home, but its appearance is more than frustrating! Magic of flavors is amazing, but the external outcome is complete tragedy! You want to invite guests and show off your experiment, but given its look that is impossible? There is now solution for these situations! Just make a cake and prepare a favorite photo or a funny picture. Then fill in the contact form, make an order in our website and attach the respective photo. We will make an icing image for your delicious cake, which will look stunning. However, if you do not want to look so personal, with your picture on, you can select one of the samples of icing images from our online catalog. They could be beautiful or fun based on your search.

If the guests are your friends and you want to surprise and impress them, you can choose mutual pictures and images to make the icing image in the form of a collage of favorite moments. That way they will be delighted that you put so much effort in decorating the cake and you will be pleased that your cake will be finally appreciated.

Prepare the sweet mastery and order the icing image by size.

This will ensure that everything is as it should be and you just need to remove the picture and it put it on the cake, without unnecessary cuts and adjustments. However, if you ordered an icing image, but the meeting was canceled, there is no room for worry. Your money is not wasted, because you can store the icing images in a cool and dark place and use them even after more than two months. So get ready for a great evening and trust our team for the decoration of your festive cake. Thus you will achieve the subtle taste and flawless appearance, without having to resort again to the cake from the shop.